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HDPE pipes possess a number of traits that make it an ideal candidate material for the transport of water. From direct burial, to slip-lining of an existing pipeline to horizontal directions drilling, HDPE pipe’s joint strength and long-term ductility make it well suited for many installation techniques and the most demanding service conditions. There too, HDPE’s flexibility can often be leveraged to minimize the need for some fittings thereby improving the hydraulic efficiency of the system.

HDPE pipes are hydraulically efficient, meaning that the internal surface is uniformly smooth. More significantly, the smoothness factor does not change over time unlike pipes made with other materials that are affected by corrosion, tuberculation, or biological build-up.

HDPE piping is tolerant to nearly all types of environmental influences such as salt water, corrosive soils and/or aggressive flow streams. As a result, HDPE is an ideal material for the transport of potable water. The installed pipe will not corrode or degrade over time and there is no need for cathodic protection of the HDPE itself.


Application Used

Water supply systems

Environmental Protection

Industrial Applications

Hydro-transport systems

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